Why Dentists Choose Fusion Dental Solutions?


Make More Money

Doctors working with Fusion receive higher fee reimbursements for every procedure they perform, resulting in a more profitable bottom line.

Don’t settle for less!


Access to Networks and Patients

Dentists Working with Fusion enjoy
In-Network participation with multiple Insurance carriers.

This results in:
1. Increased patient flow
2. Diversification of carriers
3. Increased patient retention


Modern Automated Process

Our automated system allows our doctors to credential faster and is a more efficient application process.

Man fingers setting profit button on highest position. Concept image for illustration of profitability or return on investment

Credentialing with multiple carriers and having multiple fee schedules that do not meet your expectations is stressful. That is why FUSION is here to help! We take the time and pain out of completing multiple contracts that give you a fee schedule your practice can not afford.

Our program is simple and straightforward. You know what fees you’re practice will get before signing any contracts and we do the credentialing for you.

One step with Fusion = more money!

Call us today to learn more about how Fusion Dental Solutions can support you.

Your Fees. Your Future